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Lorena Vicente

Age 23

15 Oct 2019
São Paulo (Brazil)

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Lorena Vicente
Lorena Vicente [photo:]

Lorena was beaten on Avenida Fim de Semana on the evening of Monday 14th October. She died the following afternoon.

Student Lorena Vicente, 23, was a victim of transphobia in the Jardim São Luís neighborhood in the south of São Paulo. On Monday afternoon (14), she was beaten, injured in the head, came to the rescue of the Campo Limpo Hospital, but could not resist and died the day before yesterday (15).

Lorena Vicente was buried today at 10am. The São Paulo State Department of Public Security reported that the case is investigated by the 92nd DP, but did not give details of the identity of the main suspect, who is on the run. Residents of the neighborhood, however, claim that Lorena was allegedly beaten by a friend's uncle, identified as Paulo.

For being trans, I left and I won't come back, take care of my body, do justice for me to rest in peace.

  • in memory of: Lorena Vicentt, Murdered Brutally.

For the lives of trans people, and lgbti+.

Lorena Vicentt, 23-Year-old young trans, was brutally murdered on the night of Monday (14), in the garden São Luís, South area of São Paulo.

Two years ago, in another equally cruel episode, the student's brother was beaten to death by defending her from a transphobic aggressor.

Lorena liked to write and dreamed of attending medicine, was very close to completing high school by EJA.

What makes this case doubly tragic is that two years earlier Lorena's brother Petherson Roberto dos Santos had been killed trying to defend her from another attack.

Lorena was about to complete high school through the Youth and Adult Education (EJA) program at Reverend Jacques State School. The young woman, who enjoyed writing poetry and dreamed of being a doctor, was honored by the school's teachers on Wednesday (16). State Representative Erica Malunguinho (PSOL-SP), an advocate for LGBT rights, participated in the action.

According to history teacher Severino Honorato, Lorena was a dedicated and caring student. “She attended the school soiree, liked to hug the teachers and listened to our advice. We lost our Lorraine, who just wanted to be happy, ”he says.

On November 8, 2017, Lorena's brother Petherson Roberto dos Santos, 24, was beaten to death while trying to defend her from the threats of 18-year-old Luiz Carlos Mariano. The crime took place in a square in Jardim São Luís, where the [siblings] had sat on a bench to use public wifi.

At the time, police considered that the crime was motivated by prejudice against Lorena. According to the Public Security Bureau (SSP) the perpetrator was arrested.

Rest in power, Lorena.

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