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Romanic Barbosa Magalhães

13 Oct 2019
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

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Romanic Barbosa Magalhães
Romanic Barbosa Magalhães [photo:]

Romanic was beaten to death in the early hours of Sunday 13th October.

A Piaui [trans woman] was brutally murdered in the city of Curitiba , state of Paraná. The crime, according to the family, happened in the early hours of last Sunday (13). The victim was killed by beating.

The family did not reveal the victim's social name, but identified her as [deadname] Barbosa Magalhães. The [trans woman] had moved to Curitiba after spending a season in Italy.

The president of the Piauiense Women's Football League, Jamaica Magalhães, is the aunt of the victim and reported to O Dia that her niece was cruely killed.

“They beat her a lot, her friend said they stamped her foot, kicked her, killed them with kicks, sticks and stones [sic],” she said, adding that for the family there is no doubt that the crime was motivated by transphobia.

The victim was rescued and sent to a hospital in Curitiba, but died as a result of her injuries. The transfer of her body to Piaui costs around R $ 18,000 and, as they were unable to afford the costs, the family decided to bury her in the capital of Paraná.é-morta-em-curitiba-com-requintes-de-crueldade.html

Report added: 18 Oct 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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