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Itzayana López Hernández

22 Sep 2019
Ciudad de México (Mexico)

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Itzayana López Hernández
Itzayana López Hernández [photo:]

Itzayana was found hanging in her apartment. Although she had been strangled by an ex-partner beforehand, the authorities categorised her death as a suicide and closed the case.

Wanting a new legal identity that she could not obtain in Chiapas (where the required legal initiative is currently stalled in the State Congress), Itzayana López Hernández, a young trans [woman], traveled to Mexico City to start changing her [legal identity] paperwork and look for a job opportunity - but she found only death there.

On Sunday 22, the young woman from a rural community in Pijijiapan, located on the coast of the state of Chiapas, was found hanging inside the apartment where she lived in the municipality of Álvarro Obregón in Mexico City.

Although it was initially intended to make the authorities believe that it was a suicide, it was determined that prior to being hanged, Itzayana López Hernández was strangled by her partner, a young man with whom she no longer wanted to continue living.

Despite the evidence suggesting that Itzayana was murdered, a judge closed the case after the coroner ruled that the cause of death was asphixiation by hanging.

Luz María Hernández Lara, Itzayana's mother, demanded that the authorities reopen the case and avoid corruption, “because My daughter was murdered, she didn't kill herself. ”

After finishing praying, Hernández Lara responded in an interview with Notimex: “I am hurt and disappointed by the Chiapas government and the Civil Registry of Pijijiapan, who did not allow her to recognize her gender, and forced her to emigrate to Mexico City, where she died at the hands of her boyfriend Edwin . ”

She explained that Itzayana was kind, attentive and respectful. "Her death will weigh on the lack of sensitivity of the Chiapas authorities, weigh on the authorities of Mexico City and the judge who determined that my daughter took her own life, when in fact she was killed by her boyfriend," said.

Hernández Lara said it is incredible that the police and investigators of Mexico City at the crime scene heard Edwin apologize to my daughter and near her, but did not notice the beating that he gave her before she died.

“Her sisters had the courage to travel to Mexico City to identifiy her body and Juanita told me she had taken blows on her face and her whole body. She was the only one that Itzayana told her about things, and on several occasions she told her on the phone that her boyfriend was very jealous and violent, and that he had already threatened to kill her,” she said.

Itzayana was a member of the Diana Sacayán organisation.

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