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Zaira Betancur

14 Mar 2019
Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Colombia)

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Zaira Betancur
Zaira Betancur [photo:]

Zaira was killed by a man who was obsessed with her. He was subsequently arrested.

[deadname] Pareja, better known after [her transition] as Zaira Betancur. was killed by a man who could not accept that his relationship with her had ended. The murderer was arrested by the police.

The crime occurred in the early hours of last Sunday, when the victim was inside a room of a hotel in the Los Martires sector of the capital. There apparently she had an encounter with the man who hours later killed her.

According to the stories of some guests of the said hotel, loud shouting was heard frominside the room, and hours later a pool of blood seeping out under the door alerted others to what had happened. Our of fear nobody did anything, while the criminal escaped the scene.

On the bed, badly wounded, was Zaira. She had a neck-deep wound, deep and serious, and although she cried out for help, nobody helped her.

Report added: 23 Sep 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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