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Flávia Santana

8 Mar 2019
Anápolis, Goiás (Brazil)
Possible suicide

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Flávia Santana
Flávia Santana [photo:]

Flávia was found hanging with cuts on her neck and both wrists in her apartment. She had only just arrived back in the country two days earlier.

Her family suspect that she was murdered.

The death of the trans woman Flávia Santana on the night of last Friday (08) in an apartment located in the neighborhood Santa Maria de Nazareth will be investigated by the Civil Police. Flavia had arrived from abroad last Wednesday (06) when she spoke with her relatives, on Thursday (07) the family could no longer get in touch with her. Last night Flavia's sister went to her apartment that was locked, the door had to be broken into, Flavia Santana was found inside the bathroom hanging from the window with a cut on her neck and both wrists.

Several friends commented on social networks that do not believe in suicide, according to the postings she was a very cheerful person and had several plans with her return from abroad.

"Flavinha was murdered, it was not suicide, she had surgery, she was going to buy a new car and plans to buy a house in the northeast, who knows she knows she would never do that." said one of Flavia's friends.

Other people say that Flavia has a history of depression and takes controlled medicine, the day before she would have apologized to the mother and sister who did not understand. The Civil Police works with the possibility of suicide, but alternative conclusions may be drawn once expert reports have been completed.

Flávia's Facebook profile is

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