TDoR 2019 / 2019 / March / 03 / Brigitte Galván Uc

Brigitte Galván Uc

Age 20

3 Mar 2019
Yucatán (Mexico)
Thrown from a vehicle

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Brigitte Galván Uc
Brigitte Galván Uc [photo:]

Brigitte died from head injuries several days after being thrown from a vehicle.

After hovering for several days between life and death, the young [deadname] Galván Uc, 20, who was thrown from a trailer and hit [her] head, died.

Witnesses reported that "Brigitte", as Galván Uc was presented, was thrown out of the truck on the Mérida-Cancún highway, when [she] was exercising sexeservice (the mention of this fact is to understand under what circumstances the murder occurred, not to condemn the activity of the victim).

It was common to see [her] on the Pisté-Xcalacoop section, where the events occurred a few days ago, when [she] was thrown from a trailer in motion.

When [she] fell, the young [woman] suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. When witnesses went to help [her], they found [her] with a wound on [her] head, which was bleeding profusely.

Her exact date of death was not reported, but the report is dated 3rd March 2019.

Report added: 10 Mar 2019. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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