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Nicolly Banks

Age 26

28 Dec 2018
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

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Nicolly Banks
Nicolly Banks [photo:]

Nicolly was shot 11 times at around 8:20am on Rua Liopino Lourenço de Araújo while she was on her way to the gym.

Neighbours reported hearing an argument and then screams for help, followed by shots.

Friends of the victim reported she was being threatened both in person and by phone, and had already suffered a homicide attempt about a month ago. At the time a hooded person called upon her previous home and shot twice at her, but missed.

"Unofficially we realize that this attempt may have occurred and that she changed her address, went to live with her friends, out of fear. The attack was not recorded in an incident report and this ends up making research a bit difficult, "commented PM candidate Állysson Manoel dos Santos.

Police did not report the content of the messages received, but the victim's cell phone was seized to aid in the investigations.

Nicolly's Facebook profile is

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