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Age 47

17 Dec 2018
Imperatriz, Maranhão (Brazil)

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Valquíria [photo:]

Valquíria and her companion Gabriel, 19, were stabbed inside a kitchenette in the Parque das Estrelas. Raimundo Sousa Silva was arrested on suspicion of double murder.

The suspect Ronaldo Pires dos Reis lived in the same building. In September 2019 a pre-trial detention warrant was issued in his name.

The Civil and Military Police of the State of Maranhão complied, on Thursday (12), a warrant of pre-trial detention in favor of Ronaldo Pires dos Reis, for the practice of double homicide qualified. The information is from the Gilberto Lima Blog.

The crime was committed in the city of Imperatriz on December 17, 2018. According to police, Ronaldo Pires killed, with hammer and pick, two people in a condominium located in the Parque das Estrela district. The victims were identified as Gabriel, 18 years old, and [deadname], 47, who was a [trans woman] and had the social name Valquíria.

The arrest was made by the 9th Açailândia Regional Police Station and Bom Jesus das Selvas Police Station. At the Açailândia Regional Police Station, Ronaldo Pires was questioned and confessed to killing both victims. In his interrogation, Ronaldo stated that he was in a residence drinking with other people, who left and only the prisoner and the victims were left.

The man reported that everyone was drunk and that Gabriel decided to sleep, having only woken up him (Ronaldo) and [Valquíria]. According to the prisoner, [Valquíria] was [transgender] and wanted to have relations with him, at which time Ronaldo decided to take [Valquíria]'s life with hammer blows. Finally, Ronaldo reported that after killing [Valquíria], he decided to kill Gabriel, who was sleeping, so as not to leave any witnesses.

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