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Scarlety Mastroianyy

Age 33

10 Dec 2018
Londrina, Paraná (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

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Scarlety Mastroianyy
Scarlety Mastroianyy [photo:]

Scarlety was beaten and stabbed by a group of 3 men in the centre of Londrina at dawn on Monday 10th December. She died at the scene.

Another trans woman who was also attacked managed to escape.

According to information from the Military Police, a silver Citroen passed several times on East West Avenue, on the corner of Cape Verde Street, and then stopped when three men disembarked. The suspects attacked the two [trans women] and one resisted.

The car was found abandoned a few minutes later, and Anderson Aparecido dos Santos Pires was arrested. The suspect claimed to have been robbed, stabbed and his car stolen, but a witness recognised him as one of the three perpetrators of the murder.

Kenny Roger Fioravante Pereira and José Mauro Lopes da Silva were also detained. Pires was charged with murder, and Pereira and da Silva with attempted murder. All three have been held in pre-trial detention since their arrest. José Mauro Lopes da Silva is due to go to trial on 4th April 2022.

On Monday 4th April 2022 José Mauro Lopes da Silva was sentenced to nine years and 15 days in prison for her murder.

Defendant José Mauro Lopes da Silva was sentenced to nine years and 15 days in prison for the murder of [trans woman] Scarlety Mastroiany in a popular jury that took place this Monday (4th) in Londrina.

After more than 10 hours of trial, the sentence was announced on Monday night by Judge Paulo César Roldão. Having served three years in a closed regime, the sentence dropped to six years in a semi-open regime and the defendant will be able to appeal the sentence in freedom.

The trial was marked by demonstrations by the Frente Trans de Londrina, which organized a vigil in front of the Forum of the Comarca de Londrina to ask for justice for the death of Scarlety Mastroiany, murdered in the early hours of December 10, 2018, while working on Avenida Leste. She was attacked by three men with punches, kicks and stabs, along with her friend Bianca Duarte, a survivor of the attacks.

The defendants, who were caught red-handed on the same date as the crime, were indicted for qualified homicide with a clumsy motive, "since they acted because of the hatred and prejudice they felt towards the victims for being [trans] and carrying out sexual programs", accused the Public Ministry.

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