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Flávia de Oliveira

Age 34

15 Nov 2018
Fortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)

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Flávia de Oliveira
Flávia de Oliveira [photo:]

Flávia was found stabbed to death at home on Sunday 18th November. Her partner of 6 months was arrested and confessed to the crime.

"He said he was on drugs, had spent the day drinking and he does not know how many times he stabbed her," said one of Flavia's family members. The relative also said that the suspect was hiding in a friend's residence two streets from the house where he lived with the victim.

The relationship was six months old, and Flavia had already reported to a sister the she suffered physical violence. According to relatives, the man arrested is a drug user.

In October 2019 Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Souza was sentenced to 16 years in prison for her murder.

The waiter Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Souza was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the crime of triple-qualified homicide against his partner , a [trans woman] with the social name Flávia. She was killed with 17 stab wounds inside a house in the Planalto Airton Sena district of Fortaleza in November 2018. The defendant was sentenced on Wednesday (30) by the Judgment Council of the 3rd District Jury Court of Fortaleza.

The Ceará Public Prosecution Service (MPCE) considered that the crime is classified as femicide, since such qualifier logically includes lesbians, transsexuals and transvestites who identify themselves as female.

According to the MPCE, on the night of the crime, November 15, 2018, Flávia closed the salon, which worked at her house, and went in search of her partner, who was drinking in a bar and stayed with her in the establishment. After passing two other bars, they began to argue. Flávia was unhappy about the way Francisco lived, constantly drinking alcohol and drugs. After arguing, the two went home and then the waiter took a knife and stabbed the victim 17 times.

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