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17 Dec 2016
Istanbul (Turkey)


Sendi was stabbed in her house in the Cihangir neighborhood of the Beyoglu district by a man pretending to be a customer.

According to the Istanbul LGBTI Association, she was a transgender woman who lost her family in the Syrian war and was working in a bar near Taksim Square.

Istanbul LGBTI activist Kivilcim Arat who met with her four days before her murder stated to that:

“We interviewed with about fifteen Syrian refugee sex worker, transgender women. Sendi was one of these women. All refugee transgender women complain of two things: intense police and 'community' violence. No documents are given to the refugees because of a recent problem in the system. The system is down. Having a legal status is the basic demand of transgender women. Actually, we met with Sendi because of this issue. We planned to give legal advice to her.”

Note that some of the news reports name Sendi as "Werde".

Her death was not included on the official TGEU TDoR 2017 list.

Report added: 18 Oct 2018. Last updated: 4 Apr 2019

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