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16 May 2016
Caucaia, Ceará (Brazil)

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Lauandersa's half naked body was found with approximately 30 machete wounds (mainly to her back) in an area frequented by sex workers.

Condoms were found next to the body, suggesting that she was killed by a client.

A young [trans woman] was found dead on Monday afternoon (16) on Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, Genipabu, Caucaia, alongside the BR-222.

According to the police, the body, which did not carry identification documents, bore several marks of a cutting instrument, probably a machete, which showed her killer's hatred. "The body had several perforations, located mainly in the back. We did not account for everything, but there were approximately 30 injuries," said expert Leo Junior.

According to locals, the place where the body was found is used by [trans sex workers]. The fact that the victim was half naked and next to condoms reinforces the thesis that the criminal was a 'client'.

According to the expertise, based on the bloodstains distributed around the place, it is likely that the [trans woman] tried to escape from the criminal while being pursued.

After the incident, another [trans woman], reportedly a friend of the victim, said that the body belongs to the transsexual known as "Lauandersa". Police are continuing their investigations of the case.

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & TV Diario, 16.05.2016

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