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Jóse Salazar

Age 34

21 Feb 2016
Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Jóse Salazar
Jóse Salazar [photo:]

Jóse's body was found found half-naked in the street after she had gone out on a date. She had been beaten and possibly raped.

The wildly beaten corpse of a 34-year-old Peruvian trans woman appeared abandoned on the street. According to the police, the victim was beaten and raped by a group of people.

According to the newspaper Crónica published in its print edition on Tuesday, the macabre finding occurred when members of the 2nd station of Florencio Varela received a complaint, which referred to a dead person on public roads at the junction of 513 and 542, in the mentioned district, in the south of the provincial conurbano . Immediately, the members of the section arrived at the place, an opportunity in which they observed the body without life and upside down that had women's clothes. The deceased was dressed in a top, pollera, high-heeled shoes and underwear that had been lowered at the level of the thighs. The victim also had blows to her face.

On Monday afternoon, the deceased was identified by her relatives and in this way it was established that she lived in Florencio Varela, but far from the place where she appeared dead. But this episode has mysterious elements, because the relatives indicated that the victim left his home dressed in other clothes to apparently go to a bar called Hemingway Bar, located on General José de San Martín avenue at 3200, almost corner Bartolomé Miter, in the center of the town.

Due to these explanations of the relatives, the investigators analysed images captured by the surveillance cameras of the bar and do not rule out that the possibility that the victim was raped by the attackers, but they await the results of the expert studies.

TvT project: Cronica, 23.02.2016 & Nuevo Diario Web, 21.03.2016

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