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Alan Cusso

Age 17

24 Dec 2015
Rubi, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

Alan Cusso
Alan Cusso [photo:]

Alan died by suicide after being relentlessly bullied.

In an atmosphere of anger and sadness, a thousand people concentrated on Sunday in the Plaza de Sant Jaume to remind Alan , the youngest transsexual of 17 years that Christmas Eve committed suicide, and to require the company to plant face before transphobia and avoid more cases like yours. "It's not a suicide, it's a social murder," read a manifesto that was read twice.

The gathering was called by Chrysallis, an association that brings together families of transsexual minors, and that Alan's family discovered only a month ago. "We could not help but he will help us a lot," said the president of the entity, Natalia Aventín. The assembled lit candles and kept five minutes of silence and were there more than an hour and a half.

Today all Chrysallis families are with Alan and his family.

This was the first Christmas that lived according to his identity, the first in which to celebrate a newly released DNI, the first in which there would be a party at home for many years but, tragically, it turned out to be the last. The pressure and incomprehension in the school environment have been with Alan and tonight has decided to stop walking between us.

They made his life impossible . We have known that they beat him against the wall, they threw him down the stairs, they told him that he had a woman's belly and not a man's muscles, they lifted his shirt and they told him how could it be for the man's life when he had tits, they pushed him against the glass... Maybe for those girls it was all a joke, but for Alan it was torture.

This morning his mother gave us the news:

"I feel in my soul to have to give this terrible and sad news. Our son Alan took off his short life of 17 years yesterday. He could not with the pressure of society and has left us forever. Thank you very much for all your support received. "

There are no words to accompany this pain or to express outrage, frustration and shame before administrations that never arrive on time, which always fall behind the needs of transsexual childhood and adolescence.

Alan's death was not included on the official TDoR 2016 list.

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