TDoR 2015 / 2015 / September / 23 / C. Neto Alves de Matos Junior

C. Neto Alves de Matos Junior

Age 21

23 Sep 2015
São Paulo (Brazil)
Stabbed and dismembered

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C. Neto Alves de Matos Junior

C.'s body was found in their killer's home along with the remains of two others. The perpetrator was called a homophobic serial killer.

On 17th March 2022 Jorge Luiz Morais de Oliveira was sentenced to 103 years in prison for their murder and that of four cisgender women.

SÃO PAULO – Painter Jorge Luiz Morais de Oliveira, accused of killing five people in the Alba favela, in Jabaquara, in the south of São Paulo, was sentenced to 103 years in prison this Thursday (17), on trial at the 1st Court of Justice. Capital jury. The crimes took place in 2015 and, in addition to killing, he is accused of having hidden the bodies of four women and a [trans woman].

The trial lasted two days. On Wednesday (16) witnesses and the defendant were heard by videoconference. On Thursday there were debates between the prosecution and defense. The jurors recognized a clumsy, half-cruel motive, a resource that made it difficult to defend the victims and femicide.

Oliveira was arrested in September 2015 when police found bodies buried in his backyard. According to investigations, he invited victims to consume drugs and alcohol and, when they were under the influence of the substances, without showing resistance, he strangled them.

According to the complaint, the painter has psychopathic behavior and chose victims according to certain profiles: [LGBT+ people] and drug addicts.

In 1994, Oliveira had already been convicted of the death of a rival after an argument over payment and receipt of drugs. In 1995, he was convicted again of another drug homicide.

He was arrested in 1996 and released in February 2014, a year before the first of five serial homicides reported by the Public Ministry.

The victims were Renata Christina Pedroza Moreira, 33, killed in January 2015; Paloma Aparecida Paula dos Santos, 21, murdered in February; Andrea Gonçalves Leão, 20, died in April; Natasha Silva Santos, 21, murdered in July; and the [trans person] [C.] Neto Alves de Matos Júnior, 21, who died in September.

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