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Kandis Capri

Age 35

11 Aug 2015
Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

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Kandis Capri
Kandis Capri [photo:]

Kandis was shot outside a friend's apartment complex at around 11:30pm on Tuesday 11th August. She died in hospital.

Her phone and purse were missing, and witnesses reported seeing a man leaving the area on foot.

Kandis Capri, also known as [deadname], was shot multiple times on Aug. 11 and her body was found in a parking lot at La Reserve Apartments at 2627 N. 45th Ave. A suspect was seen leaving the area on foot, police said.

Capri was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), Kandis Capri, 35, was one of 16 transgender people to be murdered in the US this year.

“The only thing I know [for sure] is that my [daughter] was murdered,” Andria Gaines, Capri’s mother, told the Guardian. “[Kandis] was shot and I don’t know all the circumstances.”

Gaines continued: “[Capri] was at a lady’s apartment who [she] had been staying with for a couple of weeks. And the only thing I know is that the car [she] had rented had been towed or something, or suspected of being towed away, so [she] left her apartment and was shot.”

A vigil was held for her on 19th August.

I took a moment to read some of the comments on the FB post announcing this vigil and I came across this, "How does this happen in Phoenix?" I guess it's nice to know some people still see Phoenix as a place where violence against the LGBT community doesn't happen. This person must be new to the city or totally unaware of what's been happening here. Please check out some of the links below as a reminder of just how "welcoming" our city is for LGBT folks. [Let it be noted: I do not think our city is exceptionally violent toward our community. I just think that homophobia and violence towards the LGBT community exists here as it does everywhere else].

Kandis was just getting her life back together after transition. She had started attending church and enrolled in theology classes at South Mountain Community College.

In time she may have become a faith leader in the LGBT+ community, but instead she became yet another of our community whose loss we mourn.

What an absolutely terrible waste of a young life.

TvT project: The Guardian 15.08.2015 & Phoenix New Times 14.09.2015

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