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Samantha Rivas

15 Jul 2015
Montevideo (Uruguay)

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Samantha Rivas

Samantha's body was found at 4am by the side of a car on the corner of Francisco Vidiella and Bulevar Artigas. She had been shot in the chest.

Underlining reports "The victim received a bullet in the thorax and her body was found at 4 in the morning by the side of a car on the corner of Francisco Vidiella and Bulevar Artigas."

Tomorrow, at 7 o'clock in the evening, in the Plaza Cagancha in Montevideo, a march will be held to demonstrate the repudiation of this murder by the community and its allies.

"The Trans Union of Uruguay wishes to convey our deep sorrow for the death of another transgender companion in the early hours of the day ...".

This is the start of yesterday's announcement of the Uruguay Trans Union (UTRU), which confirms the violence against trans people in my country. Another death in the hands of unconscious people who do not understand that a transsexual woman has the same right as everyone else. Literally, there is a law that protects people like Samantha Rivas who lost her life on Wednesday at dawn.

Because we say #NiUnaMenos, because the murders continue unpunished, because together we are more, because we want justice, because we do not want more deaths or hate crimes, from the discrimination we suffer every day, from the contempt of the media, from the hatred that kills Slowly, No more crimes.

Justice for the murder of Samantha Rivas, justice for another trans girl who dies because of some social sickness, bastaaaaa, my support from the USA to all the girls Trans of Uruguay today we are all in mourning #niunatransmenos.

On Friday, July 17 [2015], there was a march to demand justice for the murder of Samantha Rivas, the most recent of the murdered trans women. The demonstration began in Plaza Libertad and ended in front of the Ministry of the Interior, where they were greeted by a fence. "Those of them who are afraid are us," says Lara. More than one protester asked to speak with the authorities but there was no response.

Samantha's identity was not recorded in the official TDoR 2015 list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2015.


TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 16.07.2015

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