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Diosvany Muñoz Robaina ("La Eternal")

Age 24

26 Apr 2015
Pinar del Río (Cuba)

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Diosvany Muñoz Robaina ("La Eternal")
Diosvany Muñoz Robaina ("La Eternal") [photo:]

Diosvany was stoned to death by a group of adolescents in the Roberto Amarán park.

It seemed that she was eternal until one morning in April a stone destroyed her spleen and she bled to death. Born in the wrong body, at the age of fifteen she infected herself with the HIV virus in a desperate gesture. "Mommy, why didn't you give birth to me as a female, if I'm a tremendous woman?" she would say to Berta Robaina. Until recently this mother assured: "I have three children", but now she clarifies: "I had, I had ... Now I only have two."

Diosvany Muñoz Robaina's death was like her own life: hard and short. One dawn at the end of April, when she already believed herself undefeated against prejudice, abuse and AIDS, a group of teenagers threw a volley of stones at her that ended her life. Hours later the sun would rise, while her lifeless body waited at the Pedro Borrás polyclinic in Pinar del Río. For the machos remachos in the area, just "one more fag" had died.

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