TDoR 2015 / 2015 / March / 08 / Luisa Quintero ("La Pola")

Luisa Quintero ("La Pola")

Age 34

8 Mar 2015
Manizales, Caldas (Colombia)

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Luisa Quintero ("La Pola")

Luisa was stabbed by a client.

On Sunday afternoon, a client of Luisa arrived in the Las Guapas sector. They then went to a residence on Calle 21 and Carrera 16. Five minutes later another man entered, who said that he needed to rent a room. He sat on a piece of furniture and waited while they assigned it to him.

When the [trans woman] left with her client, the other man stopped to go to the bathroom, but as he passed in front of his victim he pulled out a knife and attacked her repeatedly. She tried to flee, but before reaching the door of the residence he finished her with a stab in the neck.

People who were in the residence tried to chase the murderer, but he slipped through the crowd in the sector. They tried to help Luisa, but a lot of blood came out of her mouth. The policemen who arrived instantly put her in a taxi, but there was nothing he could do.

Her co-workers remember her as a calm and sociable person. They say that last week a man was looking for her and they had an altercation, but that is the only problem that they knew about him.

TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 10.03.2015

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