TDoR 2002 / 2002 / September / 13 / Precious Curtis

Precious Curtis

Age 32

13 Sep 2002
Newport News, Virginia (USA)

TDoR list ref: Sep 2002/Ontwon Curtis

Precious Curtis

Precious was shot eight times after their partner found out that Curtis might be HIV- positive. Andrew Coleman was later sentenced to 50 years for murder and armed robbery.

During police questioning, Coleman told a detective that he shot Curtis, a 32-year-old [trans woman] also known as “Precious.” On tape, Coleman said he planned to kill Curtis after he learned that Curtis might be HIV-positive. Coleman and Curtis had been having a sexual relationship.

In June, a jury found Andrew Coleman guilty of the September 2002 killing of [deadname] Curtis. Coleman and Curtis had a sexual relationship.

Coleman’s conviction stemmed from the Sept. 13, 2002, shooting of Curtis in [the] apartment on Manor Road in Newport News. Curtis had been in bed with [their] roommate and lover, Aaron Clark, at the time of the shooting.

Clark testified during the three-day trial that Coleman had come into the apartment and shot Curtis eight times.

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