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Natasha Almeida da Silva

Age 47 (born 1 Jul 1976)

5 May 2024
Timon, Maranhão (Brazil)

Natasha Almeida da Silva

Natasha was shot in the street. She died in hospital.

The Flagrantes Center (CF/Timon) was informed about a homicide crime that occurred on Avenida Piauí, close to Sambico(between the guardhouse and the Cocais shopping mall), the central area of the city, in the early hours of this Sunday (05/05), approximately at 1:30h.

The Maranhão Military Police were informed about a person shot by a firearm in the aforementioned location. When they arrived to respond to the incident, the military confirmed the veracity of the report and immediately contacted the Emergency Response team.

The SAMU team arrived at the scene and found that the victim was still alive and conscious, at which point, due to the severity of the injury, they decided to take her to the HUT. On the way, the [trans woman] said that her social name was Natasha Almeida da Silva, and that her date of birth was 07/01/1976, in other words that she was 47 years old.

After being admitted to the Emergency Hospital of Teresina, Natasha Almeida did not survive the injury and at 3:00 am she died during initial care.

Report added: 12 May 2024. Last updated: 14 May 2024

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