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Name Unknown

18 Oct 2023
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (Mexico)

Name Unknown

The victim's body was found dumped with a plastic bag over her head. Her social name was not reported, but reportedly her last names were López Ruíz.

This Wednesday, police authorities in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, found the lifeless body of a transgender woman, which was abandoned in a subdivision in the east of the municipality. Although the body showed no signs of violence, it is suspected that the cause of her death was homicide.

According to police reports, the body had been in the place for quite some time, because when it was found it was in an advanced process of decomposition. The staff of the State Attorney General's Office indicated that the woman had a plastic bag over her head and, although they reported that they found “no external traces of violence,” asphyxiation is a possible cause of death.

The body was recognized by her relatives, so it was soon learned that the deceased responded to the surname López Ruíz. Police authorities did not release more details about the woman's life and origin.

The body was sent to the Forensic Medical Service to perform a legal autopsy, determine the reasons for his death and be delivered to his relatives as soon as possible.

At the moment the Prosecutor's Office does not know what the causes of her death were, however, it is not ruled out that it was a homicide or a hate crime based on the gender identity and/or gender identity of the deceased.

Report added: 22 Oct 2023. Last updated: 7 Nov 2023

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