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Evelin Sofia da Silva

Age 24

18 Oct 2023
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)

Evelin Sofia da Silva
Evelin Sofia da Silva [photo:]

Evelin was shot several times in her home.

The Pernambuco Civil Police (PCPE) opened an investigation to investigate the murder of a 24-year-old trans woman. She was killed by several gunshots, in the neighborhood of Afogados, in the North Zone of Recife. The case happened on Wednesday (18), but was confirmed by the authorities this Thursday (19).

The Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) will investigate. Although the police did not reveal the name of the victim, preliminary information suggests that she was Evelin Sofia da Silva.

According to the corporation, she was found by military police officers lifeless and with several gunshot wounds. The crime took place inside the victim's residence, in the community of Caranguejo Tabajaras, on the border between Ilha do Retiro and Afogados.

The victim worked as a trader and produced hot lunches to sell locally. The Capital Homicide Task Force and the Criminalistics Institute (IC) were at the scene to carry out initial investigations into the crime and the examine of the victim's body. So far, there is no information about the author or motivation of the crime.

No one likes to feel angry. It tears into the soul, hardens the body, thickens the voice. The view gets blurry. Everything hurts. Nothing relieves it. And maybe this is why I denied mine. Always being that person who tried to look the way to the future. But in recent days I've been feeling a lot of anger and I don't want to hide it, because I realized that when I shut up I'm not honest with myself, with the people I love and with my view on the world.

Yesterday a beautiful woman, a friend and fighter was taken from us. Evelin Sofia da Silva had a wonderful energy, 24 years old, full of dreams, fears and anger, which she organized in her chest to win one day at a time.

Evelin lived in Caranguejo Tabaiares, in the center of Recife, a region that is living in a state of terror, with actions of abuse of power, human rights defenders receiving threats, young people being murdered, police invading homes in the early mornings. While all this is happening, the population is terrified and Recife remains instagrammable on the City Hall's social networks.

This pain is heart breaking. And Pernambucano got another one of us to continue the ranking of murders of trans people in Brazil. Yesterday, after talking to some friends from Crab Tabaiares, I just wanted to scream. Many, thousands, we want to scream because we don't believe in this liberal democracy, designed by racist, sexist, transphobic people, who preach hate against all other forms of existence.

I don't believe these politicians who normalize any kind of violence, or who keep quiet in front of this state of terror. The hypocrisy that sustains our fragile democracy in cities is burying our dreams. More than organizing anger, we need a power project that defends, recognizes & creates existential mechanisms of all life forms with dignity, happiness & prosperity.

For now, today, I have this image of Evelin hugging Baobá, making faces and laughing with her friends. But we will charge a lot in justice, we will charge to have Power.

[Editor's Note: Two sources name her as Evellyn Sophia dos Santos]

Report added: 22 Oct 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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