TDoR 2023 / 2023 / September / 22 / Theadora Cassidy ("Thea")

Theadora Cassidy ("Thea")

Age 18

22 Sep 2023
Ephrata, Pennsylvania (USA)

Theadora Cassidy ("Thea")
Theadora Cassidy ("Thea") [photo:]

Thea died by suicide.

Theadora “Thea” Cassidy, filled out her first character sheet as [original character name], a short, rotund, pre-maturely balding lawful-good human with high intelligence and wisdom stats. Her adventuring began with her best friend, mentor, and sister Ella. Along the way, she picked up brothers-in-arms Jeremiah, Simon, Jude and doggo Leo.

Thea turned the page on that character sheet and began to play as herself, a six-foot warrior goddess, adding strength and charisma beyond measure. Shifting her alignment towards chaotic-good, she deepened her love of history and the outdoors, leveled up her amazing miniature painting skills and added sketching, musical instrument repair, and foraging.

On Friday Sept 22, 2023, Thea found herself separated from her party and faced off against her lifelong enemy, Depression. She rolled a one and the dragon scored a critical, fatal hit. Respecting the die, Thea leaves behind her parents, Jere and Kelly Cassidy, her maternal grandparents Tom and Kathy Scanlon, her paternal grandparents Karen Drevyanko and John Cassidy, and a host of family and friends that will miss her deeply. Bonus XP will be awarded to her beloved River, Drew, and all that have been gifted the chance to accompany her during her all-too-short life.

Report added: 5 Nov 2023

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