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Thallita Costa

Age 21

7 Sep 2023
São Paulo (Brazil)
Not reported

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Thallita Costa
Thallita Costa [photo:]

Thallita was found dead in the street outside her home. Her body showed signs of violence.

The young trans woman Thallita Costa, aged 21, was found dead this Thursday (7) in the Campo Limpo neighborhood, in the South Zone of São Paulo. The body was found by police a few meters from where she lived, hours after the young woman left home.

The military police registered a police report at the 37th DP in Campo Limpo after having passed through two other police districts. According to the police report, Thallita had injuries to her face, neck and shoulders, in addition to several burns on her body.

The case was registered as a homicide. The incident report says that the police officers, upon arriving at the scene, saw the body lying on a public street with blood marks on the mouth and nose. There was no identification, only knowing that she was a transsexual woman.

Report added: 9 Sep 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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