TDoR 2023 / 2023 / August / 22 / Caio Linhares

Caio Linhares

Age 19

22 Aug 2023
Miraíma, Ceará (Brazil)

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Caio Linhares
Caio Linhares [photo:]

Caio and a cisgender woman named Lucivânia Azevedo Pires, 37, both died after being shot by two assilants on a motorcycle.

Tonight, two people were shot and killed in the city of Miraíma, which is close to Sobral. According to witness information, more than 30 shots were fired.

According to what an eyewitness saw and confided to our team, two men on a motorcycle arrived in the “Planeta” neighborhood and entered a commercial establishment and shot the victim identified by “Vânia” 3 times in the chest and shortly after they shot a trans man. With the social name “Caio Linhares”, he was rescued but succumbed to his injuries. Vânia also lost her husband to violence and was a widow and today, unfortunately, it has gone to violence statistics.

The Itapipoca police station should investigate the case and thus try to arrest the perpetrators.

Report added: 26 Aug 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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