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Dolli Goins

Age 27

10 Aug 2023
Eugene, Oregon (USA)
Not reported

Dolli Goins
Dolli Goins [photo:]

Dolli's body was found in front of a used car lot alongside Highway 99. The cause of her death was not reported.

On August 10, 2023 the body of a deceased person was discovered by a passerby in front of the St. Vincent de Paul used car lot, State Hwy 99 North. The decedent was recognizable and had only been deceased for a matter of hours.

Born in Eugene, Oregon, white trans woman Dolli Goins enjoyed watching television, music, reading and spending time with friends. According to her father when describing her final days:

“I do not claim to know [Dolli] state of mind on August 9th but she made the decision to walk away from her support group of friends in Albany without notifying any of them. [Dolli] ended up in contact with a Linn County Sheriff’s deputy who agreed to give her a ride into Lane County. The report is that there are more resources in Lane County.

"[Dolli] was last seen walking south through Junction City on August 9th after that contact with the deputy. Jenny and I want to believe that [Dolli] was going to obtain assistance. That night she lay down near HWY 99 and placed her hand behind her head.”

Dolli’s parents continue to misgender her and use her deadname. While that’s sadly too common, one thing that struck me was the references to mental illness and addiction as contributors to her death, but no mention of the role that family rejection plays in the vulnerability of young people. The research is very clear -acceptance by one adult can reduce the risk of suicidality by 33%.

Dolli deserved loving acceptance, not tough love. She didn’t die with a smile on her face at peace with a world that rejected and dismissed her. She’s not better off or in a better place. We should have created better places for her in Oregon. The whimsical, quixotic narrative is no less helpful.

Still, I don’t know much about Dolli. Her social media profile is new. I haven’t found friends to talk with. I hope this post brings them out so we can understand her life better. Still, I know she deserved to walk through a safe and careful world.

Rest in power, Dolli. Your life was important and had value. I am so sorry that the people who needed to show up for you the most continue to erase your truth. I am sorry we collectively did not create a safer world to protect and cherish you. You deserved all of those things.

May your memory be a revolution.

Report added: 8 Nov 2023

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