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Onyx John

Age 13

16 Jul 2023
Beaudesert, Queensland (Australia)

Onyx John
Onyx John [photo:]

Onyx died by suicide. Since coming out he had been the subject of relentless harassment and cyber bullying by other students.

A Queensland family has made a desperate call for change following the suicide of a transgender teenager who was allegedly tormented by school bullies when he started using male pronouns.

Onyx John, who recently began identifying as male, was found dead by his mum at home in the rural town of Beaudesert, Queensland, on July 16.

The 13-year-old “gentle soul” was a Year 7 student at Beaudesert State High School and dreamt of becoming a vet, but suicided after allegedly facing relentless harassment and cyber bullying by students.

The bullying, which [Onyx's sister] Ivy said had been going on since primary school, escalated last August when Onyx was allegedly confronted by a group of girls in the school bathrooms.

“The school said they would ‘handle it’ but there’s never been any consequences for the pack of girls who tried bashing him in the school toilets last year,” Ivy told the Daily Mail Australia. “After that we were lucky if he went to school twice a week.”

In the wake of Onyx’s death, Ivy said she would seek “justice” for her sibling, and began campaigning the school and Queensland Department of Education to take action against bullying and to enforce the “duty of care” they have to students facing bullying.

In a letter to the Department of Education, shared to social media, she pleaded for help to “stop our kids from dying”.

“We called and emailed the school for help, they did nothing, the police did nothing, the hospital sent is home when (Onyx) talked about taking (his) life. THE SYSTEM LET US DOWN,” Ivy wrote in the letter.

A peaceful protest was due to take place at Beaudesert State School on 14th August as a show of support for bullying victims and to voice their concerns to the school administrators.

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