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Juiliana Chávez Flores

Age 75

20 Jun 2023
Aguas Verdes, Zarumilla (Peru)

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Juiliana Chávez Flores
Juiliana Chávez Flores [photo:]

Juiliana's body was found dumped on a trail alongside the Zarumilla River.

A strange crime on the border with Ecuador has shocked the population of Tumbes. A 75-year-old person was killed by a bullet and thrown on a carriage trail next to the banks of the Zarumilla River.

National Police sources indicated that the victim was wearing a gold ring and her suitcase was a few meters, ruling out robbery as a motive.

The incidentt occurred last Tuesday when a group of neighbors alerted police personnel from the Aguas Verdes police station that a corpse was in the middle of the road to the Tomás Arizola human settlement, near the Bolsico bridge. Law enforcement officers went to the scene, where they found the body of a transsexual person lying on the ground in the dorsal ulna position, with the upper and lower limbs extended.

The victim, identified as Juiliana Chávez Flores, had a wound on the left side of the forehead, consistent with one produced by a firearm. The person was wearing black and gold silk pants, a blouse of the same color, and black sneakers.

According to the first investigations carried out by police personnel, the aggrieved person would have been attacked elsewhere, then transferred along with her suitcase in a motorcycle taxi to be thrown on a carriage trail.

Tumbes police personnel are investigating the motive for the crime and robbery would be ruled out, because Chávez Flores was wearing a gold ring and his luggage was a few meters away. She was not carrying her identification papers.

Report added: 24 Jun 2023. Last updated: 1 Mar 2024

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