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20 Jun 2023
Hyderabad, Telangana (India)
Stoned and stabbed

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Dolly and her friend Sofia were killed while they were travelling together on a scooter. The killers were allegedly Dolly's partner and an associate.

Two transgender women were allegedly murdered near the Hanuman temple in Hyderabad’s Daibagh by one of their partners on Wednesday, June 21. Dolly (25) and Sofiya were travelling on a scooter when Dolly’s partner Syed Inayath (23) and his friend Mohammad Inayath (26) allegedly killed them.

Tappachabutra police filed a First Information Report (FIR) and noted that as per the testimony of Masthan Bee (56), Dolly’s mother and a resident of Asifnagar, Mohammad Inayath and Syed Inayath were responsible for murdering both victims.

The FIR stated that Dolly and Syed Inayath, a cisgender man, were in a relationship and would frequently quarrel over the prospect of getting married. On Tuesday night, at around 1 am, Masthan Bee (56), Dolly’s mother and a resident of Asifnagar, was informed by her son Syed Khaja that there was rumour about two transgender persons being murdered at Daibagh, according to the FIR. Upon hearing this, the FIR stated, Masthan went to the scene of the crime and found that Dolly was one of the victims. The second victim, Sofiya, was aged between 25 and 30 and was Dolly’s friend, the police said. At 3:30 am, Masthan approached the Tappachabutra police station and registered a complaint.

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