TDoR 2023 / 2023 / June / 08 / Luisa Fernanda Parra

Luisa Fernanda Parra

Age 19

8 Jun 2023
Bogotá (Colombia)

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Luisa Fernanda Parra

Luisa was shot in the street by hitmen. She died almost instantly, just a few meters from the La Valvanera Church.

On the morning of this Thursday, June 8, a new act of violence occurred in the country's capital, where a 19-year-old transgender woman was murdered by motorcycle hitmen who shot her several times .

The unfortunate event took place in the Restrepo neighborhood of the Antonio Nariño town, just a few meters from La Valvanera Church.

The victim, who was shot twice in the head, died instantly at the scene and was identified by the authorities as Luisa Fernanda Parra, lived with her partner in the town of Bosa. At the time of the attack she was on the way to a shoe factory where she worked.

“We are as Judicial Police taking versions of the community to be able to establish the motives for the indcident. Of the criminals it is known that they were transported on a black motorcycle. We are already verifying the traceability of the different security cameras in the sector to determine the possible escape routes for these criminals,” said the police commander of the town of Antonio Nariño, Major Yesid Lozano.

Officials from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor's Office attended the scene to inspect the body and carry out the removal of the corpse, and initiate the respective inquiries to determine the possible causes of murder.

Report added: 15 Jun 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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