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Age 55

4 Jun 2023
Vitorino Freire, Maranhão (Brazil)

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Chiquita [photo: 2023_06_04_Chiquita.jpg]

Chiquita died from a stab wound to her chest while in her home. A suspect was arrested after evidential analysis.

The Civil Police of Maranhão (PC-MA) reported having ruled out the participation of a man, identified as Francisco Gabriel dos Santos Conceição, in the death of a trans woman, known as 'Chiquita'. The crime took place at the beginning of June, in Vitorino Freire, a city 321 km from São Luís.

According to the PC-MA, the man, who had an alleged romantic relationship with the victim, was detained for questioning and initially considered the principle author of the homicide. However, after further analysis of the evidence and testimonies, the Civil Police ruled out his direct participation in the murder.

The delegate responsible for the case, Rildo Portela, said that the suspect was released after a careful investigation and analysis of technical evidence. “With images in hand, we looked for witnesses to present what they could corroborate, whether it was [Francisco] Gabriel or someone else - a suspect who, immediately, the Vitorino Freire police stationmade the subject of a temporary arrest, as well as by enacting a search and seizure warrant at his residence", he declared.

The new suspect, according to investigations by the Civil Police, is João Paulo Sousa Conceição. According to delegate Rildo Portela, the man had already confessed to the crime.

“In his interrogation term, he confessed to all the criminal conduct practiced by him. That is: the femicide against 'Chiquita'. Already in conversations with the prosecutor, she has already expressed her opinion for the release of [Francisco] Gabriel, who will be released in the coming days, because Gabriel did not commit feminicide ”, she concluded.

'Chiquita,' aged 55, was found dead, with a stab wound to the chest, on June 4 of this year. The victim's body was found by neighbors, who noticed the door of her house open, and went to check what had happened

João Paulo da Conceição was subsequently arrested and charged after being identified by witnesses. On 31st October 2023 he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Report added: 15 Jun 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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