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Yanina Martínez

18 May 2023
Cozumel, Quintana Roo (Mexico)

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Yanina Martínez
Yanina Martínez [photo:]

Yanina died in hospital after being shot inside a residence.

A hate crime was committed in Cozumel on the day against transphobia and homophobia. It is about the murder of Yanina Martínez, a trans woman who lived on the island.

According to the authorities, the report of firearm detonations was received by 911 on calle 25 with calles 50 and 10 in the San Miguel I neighborhood. Upon being informed of what had happened, the police officers went to the place immediately.

Upon arriving at the indicated address, they were received by a neighbor, who told them that a person was inside a house with a black door, who had been injured by gunshots.

When the elements entered the home, they noticed that there was a person on the site with several red spots on his body, a product of blood. An ambulance arrived within minutes, taking the injured person to the hospital.

During the early morning the death of the victim of this armed attack was confirmed, who was a trans woman known as Yanina Martínez.

The aggression against this trans woman from Cozumel stands out, since it happened just on the day against homophobia and transphobia. Unfortunately hate crimes like this persist.

It should be noted that through social networks it was reported that Yanina Martínez did not have relatives on the island, so some people began to collect money to pay for her funeral expenses. Rest in peace.

Yanina's Facebook profile is

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