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Jayden Miller

Age 11

5 May 2023
Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

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Jayden Miller
Jayden Miller [photo:]

Jayden and their mum Carolann Robillard, 35, were killed in a random stabbing attack outside a school. Their assailant was shot dead by police.

Although it didn’t get nearly as much attention as other stranger attacks, earlier this month Edmonton was host to what is easily Canada’s worst random stabbing yet.

Not long after class let out at Crawford Plains School on May 5, a mother and child were set upon and attacked by an erratic man roaming the grounds with a knife.

Eleven-year-old [deadname] Miller likely saw [their] mother die: Although 35-year-old Carolann Robillard died at the scene, her [child] was still showing vital signs when first responders arrived at the scene – but would die several hours later in hospital.

Both mother and child would later be buried in the same casket.

Witness reports suggest that the attacker — who lived just 400 metres away — intended to go on a stabbing spree within the school itself. When he was unable to gain access to the building by what police called the “heroic” actions of a teacher, he seemed to instead turn his aggression on the nearest people he could find.

The alleged attacker is dead: He died in hospital after being shot in an altercation with police soon after the stabbing.

But even amid a nationwide crisis of violent offenders being set free despite their high likelihood to hurt innocent people, this case represents a particularly egregious failure of the system to protect the public from an obvious threat to their safety.

Report added: 30 Jul 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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