TDoR 2023 / 2023 / March / 29 / Mónica Jiménez Belmont

Mónica Jiménez Belmont

Age 41

29 Mar 2023
Ciudad de México (Mexico)

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Mónica Jiménez Belmont
Mónica Jiménez Belmont [photo:]

Monica was found beaten in her bathroom. Her family have demanded justice, noting that the authorities have disrespected her gender identity and declared her death a suicide.

CDMX, Mexico. Mónica Jimenez Belmont was a 41-year-old trans woman. On March 31, trans visibility day, they found her body with signs of violence in the bathroom of her home in the Magdalena Culhuacán neighborhood, in the Coyoacán mayor's office, south of Mexico City. Relatives and activists denounce re-victimization and omissions to access justice.

Human rights defender Kenya Cuevas told this outlet that the investigation folder that was opened in the Coyoacán Mayor's Office was for suicide. However, from the beginning, Mónica's family demanded that it be treated and investigated as a transfemicide.

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