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Kayleigh Scott

Age 25

20 Mar 2023
Denver, Colorado (USA)

Kayleigh Scott
Kayleigh Scott [photo:]

Kayleigh died by suicide. She worked as a flight attendent and had become well known after sharing her story on her airline’s social media.

A transgender United flight attendant, who once fronted a powerful campaign video for the airline, has tragically taken her life. Kayleigh Scott, who shared her story for a 2020 Trans Day of Visibility video made by United, explained in an Instagram post she was planning to take her life.

Followers attempted to reach out to Kayleigh by requesting for a local welfare check, but it was later confirmed that she had passed away. “Thank you for your concern and outpouring of love for her. We are going to miss her so much,” a commenter said on Kayleigh’s post.

The Colorado-based flight attendant became known for sharing her story on United’s social media, explaining that she was able to “break free from the chains that held me,” thanks to the help of her colleagues throughout her transition. “I used to be so embarrassed about being trans, and all I wanted was to blend in and be cis, but times have changed, and I’ve started looking back on the bigger picture and understanding I do have a story to tell,” she said in United’s video.

“My life changed for the better when I came to United as a flight attendant. With the support from the company, our business resource group for LGBTQ+ employees, and all of my loving coworkers… I’m living confidently as my true self.

Despite her positive testimonial at the time, she gradually became disaffected with the organisation and the lack of support offered to her while she tried to cope with other issues in her life.

2022 has been a year packed with upset and difficulty. I saw too much death & loss in my life, I came to realize I work a meaningless job for a company that doesn’t value me as an employee, I had my heart destroyed, I lost my nice little home and had to downsize significantly and start over. I’m really struggling to find happiness and hope. I’m begging 2023 to be better to me. Please.

Kayleigh's Facebook and Instagram profiles are and [CN: suicide note]

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