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13 Mar 2023
Tamuín, San Luis Potosí (Mexico)

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Jenny was shot dead outside a cantina.

TAMUÍN.- A transvestite was shot to death outside a cantina located in the Las Brisas neighborhood of the Tamuín municipality.

It was shortly before 2 in the morning, when it was reported to the 9-1-1 Emergency System that there was a person dressed as a woman lying on the sidewalk of Avenida Pedro Antonio Santos at the corner of calle Durango, in front of the slum called El Paso. Blood was visible and the victim was not moving.

Police and paramedics from the Red Cross were mobilised and confirmed the report upon arrival. When they checked the person, they realized that she no longer had vital signs, in addition to having injuries caused by gunshots.

Later it was established that the deceased had the name of [deadname] Cruz, and had his address in the Linda Vista neighborhood of this Municipality.

Personnel from the State Attorney General's Office found some 45 caliber shell casings, in addition to other evidence, and ordered the transfer of the body to the Legal Medical Service. Although investigations continue, no details have been released.

Report added: 19 Mar 2023. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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