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Joyce Kelly

10 Mar 2023
Maceió, Alagoas (Brazil)

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Joyce Kelly
Joyce Kelly [photo:]

Joyce's body was found with multiple stab wounds in an abandoned building. The pattern of her wounds suggested that she had tried to defend herself against the attack.

Joyce was 19 years old and had transitioned at least two years earlier. The Civil Police have requested surveillance footage to try to identify the perpetrator.

A young trans woman was found dead this Friday (10), in an abandoned shed in the Santos Dumont neighborhood, in the upper part of Maceió.

The body was in the midst of a heap of rubbish and shrapnel. The victim was wearing a gray T-shirt and black shorts. She has been identified as Joyce Kelly, age unknown.

According to witnesses, Joyce Kelly was transgender and lived in the Cruzeiro do Sul neighborhood, also in the upper part of Maceió.

There is no information about the circumstances of the crime, nor about the authorship and motivation. However, there are indications that the motivation was transphobia. The Civil Police are investigating the case. Internet users and friends of the victim are expressing regret about what happened and asking for justice on social media.

According to witnesses, the place where the body was found is known to be a region of prostitution and drug trafficking.

A suspect was subsequently identified. He was arrested on 19th June 2023.

The Civil Police identified the suspect of murdering the trans woman Joyce Kelly, 22 years old, last month, whose body was found in a vacant lot, in the upper part of Maceió. The man had preventive detention decreed by the Justice and was identified as José Augusto da Silva Neto, commonly known as Morgação.

According to information disclosed by the delegate Thiago Prado, responsible for the case, the investigation was initiated shortly after the murder. More than 20 people were heard and images from surveillance cameras helped to clarify the crime.

"Images from surveillance cameras in the region capture the moment when the victim goes to the vacant lot where she was found dead and about an hour later the suspect appears returning to the tobacco den in Favela da Federal", said the delegate on video. publicized on social media.

Also according to Prado, according to the investigations “Morgação” was involved in drug trafficking in the region and Joyce Kelly was allegedly killed due to a drug debt. The victim was addicted to crack and owed drug dealers.

Investigations indicate that Joyce Kelly went to the vacant lot with another person, still unidentified, for a sexual program. There, she was approached by the suspect who killed her with stones and sticks. After the crime, the man returned to the smokehouse, and at that moment he appears in the images captured by the cameras.

The Justice decreed the preventive detention of the suspect, after the collection of supporting elements. His location is not known, and he is considered a fugitive who already has a history with the police and in the Prison System.

Report added: 11 Mar 2023. Last updated: 13 Nov 2023

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