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Violeta Navarrete

Age 35

1 Mar 2023
Ahome, Sinaloa (Mexico)

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Violeta Navarrete
Violeta Navarrete [photo:]

Violeta was killed in her own home. Five days earlier she had been crowned Queen of Diversity at Carnaval México, Magia y Encuentro de San Miguel Zapotitlán 2023.

Sinaloa, March 1.- Violeta Navarrete , who just last weekend was crowned Queen of Diversity of the San Miguel Zapotitlán Carnival 2023, was found lifeless and with traces of violence on Tuesday night in Ahome, Sinaloa.

Police reports indicate that the victim was found lifeless inside her home; allegedly she had blows to different parts of her body, mainly to her head, which caused her head trauma.

Violeta had been at home when a subject allegedly arrived. Witnesses to the events did not see him enter the scene.

Violeta was dedicated to jobs related to beauty and gave dance classes for children, as well as zumba for women and older adults. After she failed to show up for her daily activities, people searched for her and found her at her home.

They immediately notified the authorities. Paramedics arrived at the site and could only confirm that Violeta Navarrete no longer had vital signs. Elements of the Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection of Ahome went to confirm what had happened, and upon verifying that the Queen of Diversity had her skull practically destroyed by goals and was dead, they cordoned off the home, and notified the Attorney General of State Justice.

Violeta Navarrete was well loved by her LGBT+ community in San Miguel. Friends of the Queen of Diversity commented that since the weekend she has been the victim of aggression: her float was destroyed and she had a fight with a person.

Last Friday, February 24, at the inaugural act of the Carnival Mexico, Magic and Encounter of San Miguel Zapotitlán 2023, Violeta was crowned Queen of Diversity, by the hand of President Gerardo Vargas Landeros.

Although the investigations of the Sinaloa Prosecutor's Office will just begin, the murder of Violeta Navarrete could be investigated as a hate crime.

In February 2021, the Sinaloa Congress approved establishing a new criminal offense in the state Penal Code. This is the crime of hate crimes for reasons of sexual orientation or gender identity. This in order to grant protection to people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, specifically the LGBTTTIQ population (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transvestite, transsexual, intersex and queer).

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