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Shaina Vanessa Pretel Gómez

Age 28

26 Feb 2023
Cali, Valle del Cauca (Colombia)

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Shaina Vanessa Pretel Gómez
Shaina Vanessa Pretel Gómez [photo:]

Shaina's body was found in woodland on Sunday 26th February.

A new act of violence was recorded this morning in the city of Cali, due to the murder of Shaina Vanessa Pretel, a trans woman who was involved with social organizations.

Although details about what happened are unknown, it was established that the events occurred in the El Poblado 2 neighborhood of the city, after her body was found without vital signs.

The victim was part of some social organizations that defended Afro and trans women. In fact, it is said that yesterday she was present at the AfroResistance women's meeting. In doing so she had established her position on respect for life, as well as the goals and dreams she had.

Relatives of the young woman regretted what happened, while demanding that justice be done. “I am very saddened and shocked by the murder of Shaina. A black trans woman who had totally transformative dreams was taken from us. In her memory, the fight to fulfill her dream of creating safe spaces for homeless trans women will continue,” said relatives.

Meanwhile, they asked the authorities to begin investigations to find those responsible for this act that some have described as transfeminicide.

Shaina's alleged murderer Bryan Andrés Gutiérrez Guerrero was captured several days later.

On February 26, the news of the murder of a transgender woman to the east of the city of Cali was released, the alleged murderer was captured.

A few days after the murder of Shaina Pretel, a member of the LGTBI community, in the Poblado II neighborhood, the alleged murderer was captured by the Police in the middle of the road when he was traveling on a motorcycle.

The investigations to find the person responsible for the event advanced rapidly. Tasks such as neighborhood work, reviewing security cameras in the sector and photographic examinations, were part of those tasks looking for the person responsible.

It took five days to identify the whereabouts of the man identified as Brayan G., 26 years old. Thanks to the work and the operation organized by the police with the Attorney General's Office, he was unable to escape.

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