TDoR 2023 / 2023 / February / 11 / La Pájara

La Pájara

Age 22

11 Feb 2023
Barranquilla, Atlántico (Colombia)
Shot and stabbed

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La Pájara
La Pájara [photo:]

La Pájara was killed while she was returning home.

February 13, 2023. On the night of Saturday, February 11, 2023, the streets of Barranquilla were filled with joy and brightness to celebrate that people with sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions continue to build carnival culture year after year, meeting in spaces for socialization and joy.

However, at the end of this day, the streets that should be a permanent safe space for LGBTIQ+ people once again became a scene of violence. This 22-year-old person with a trans life experience, nicknamed 'Chichi' or 'La Pájara' by her loved ones, was returning to her home in the Las Malvinas neighborhood after La Guacherna when she was shot eight times and stabbed twice by an unidentified person. Her mother, Darcely Niebles, declared that she had no enemies and that demands justice so that her death does not go unpunished.

Her community and family have also supported this demand, since 'Chichi' was a fundamental person in his environment remembered for his joy. The brutality in this crime may be an indication of a bias-motivated murder. From Caribe Afirmativo we express our concern that not even the spaces that should be safer for LGBTIQ+ people have effective guarantees for our lives and safety.

In 2022, six murders of LGBTIQ+ people were killed in Barranquilla. On the other hand, so far in 2023 two murders have been counted. We request that the Attorney General's Office quickly investigate this case, based on the possibility that it is a case of homicide motivated by prejudiced motives. We reiterate that in all the events registered against LGBTIQ+ people there must be an analysis that includes the possibility of violence due to prejudice towards people with diverse sexual orientations, identities and gender expressions.

In addition, we request that a working group be convened to analyze and take action on the facts, applying the good practice guide that we developed with the Prosecutor's Office for the investigation of this fact with a gender approach that allows establishing if they had an origin of violence. due to prejudice towards the sexual orientation, gender identity or expression of the victim.

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