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Dani Millán

20 Jan 2023
Ciudad de México (Mexico)

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Dani Millán
Dani Millán [photo:]

Dani was found bleeding to death at an intersection in the Aragón Inguarán neighborhood of Mexico City. She had not been seen since leaving work to meet a friend.

Trans women are the most discriminated against in Mexico, according to information from the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), but they also face sexist violence that has claimed the lives of several of them, as happened in Mexico City with Dani Millán, who was beaten to death on January 20, after she left work. Dozens of people and groups have decided to raise her voice for her de ella, to demand justice and that her crime does not go unpunished.

According to information provided by the Humanistic Center for Studies Related to Sexual Orientation (CHEROS), Dani was found dead in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor's office. The organization has denounced the fact that the crime has not been covered by any means of communication, which is an act of discrimination, in addition to what trans women experience in their daily lives. As reported, her body de ella was found between Norte 74 and Oriente 125, in the Aragón Inguarán neighborhood.

The organization wrote about this crime: “If, ladies and gentlemen, we women carry the prejudices of a misogynistic society, it is a consequence of the derision that we live in public and private spaces all our lives ; Even on our deathbed, people continue to misuse our identity to turn it into a media morbidity, or to not talk at all about this violence, like what is happening in this case.”

One of her friends shared a short video exposing her case on Facebook, in which she reported that Dani left work last Thursday, January 19, and went out to have fun - without specifying the location. She adds that she was murdered, found with various bruises and a severe blow to the head. At the time of being found she was bleeding to death.

An ambulance arrived for her, at 05:30 am on Friday, January 20, but she had already died from her injuries. Her family searched for her for three days, until on Sunday, January 22, they found her body in the facilities of the Institute of Expert Services and Forensic Sciences (Incifo). It was not until Monday, January 23, that she was handed over to them; They kept a wake for her and buried her on Tuesday the 24th.

Dani was a student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), first at the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) Vallejo and later at the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Aragón. Her Facebook profile is

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