TDoR 2023 / 2023 / January / 10 / Gabriel Godoy

Gabriel Godoy

Age 29

10 Jan 2023
Barra Bonita, São Paulo (Brazil)

Gabriel Godoy
Gabriel Godoy [photo:]

Gabriel died by suicide.

The Jaú Fire Department found this afternoon, around 17h30, the body of Gabriel Godoy (Ane) who had thrown himself from the Ponte do Açúcar bridge on the morning of last Tuesday. The body was found near Ponte Victorino Didon, the canal bridge.

Gabriel, who adopted his social name in July last year, is from the city of São Manuel, and for reasons not yet revealed, came with his car, a Goal with Botucatu plates, stood on the bridge and jumped. This fact was confirmed and witnessed by a fisherman.

Since then, the Fire Department had been looking for the body of the 29-year-old boy. The funeral car is waiting in the Marina Tietê region for the arrival of the IML - Legal Medical Institute - to release the body.

Gabriel's Facebook profile is

Report added: 15 Jan 2023. Last updated: 19 Mar 2023

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