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Sebastiana Pereira de Souza ("Tiana")

7 Jan 2023
Colinas, Maranhão (Brazil)

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Sebastiana Pereira de Souza ("Tiana")
Sebastiana Pereira de Souza ("Tiana") [photo:]

Tiana was found dead with her face completely disfigured after being beaten in her own home.

Police arrested a man known as "Indio" at his residence during the murder investigation.

Another barbaric crime was recorded in the region. This time, in the city of Colinas, it was the killing of [deadname] Pereira Souza, affectionately known as Tiana, who, according to police sources, was killed by blows to the head.

Tiana (who was also known as Sebastiana), was very popular in the city of Colinas. The crime took place at her residence in Vila Brandão, in the early hours of this day (07).

The Civil and Military Police were at the scene collecting preliminary information to start investigations.[[|t]]Information not yet confirmed and preliminary, realize that the victim would have recently sold land and would have money saved.

The suspicion is that it could be a possible robbery.

After his pretrial testimony Indio was remanded in custody pending further charges.

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