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Tailla Ariany Santos

Age 31

4 Jan 2023
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Killed and dismembered

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Tailla Ariany Santos
Tailla Ariany Santos [photo:]

Tailla was killed by a client. Her relatives found her dismembered body in his home after tracking her whereabouts to his residence.

A scene from a horror movie. That was Stephanie's description, when she told about what she saw at the place where her cousin, Tailla Santos, was dismembered, in Vigário Geral, in the North Zone of Rio.

“Horror movie, a horrible thing. Horrible, horrible, horrible,” Stephanie said.

According to the victim's cousin, the suspect for the crime was digging a hole to bury Tailla's body when he was discovered and fled. At the scene, the police found the weapons used in the crime: saw, machete, hoe and wheelbarrow.

“He was digging to bury her, everything was already there. He had already started digging. The wheelbarrow was next to the body he bagged. He isolated the body, there was a wheelbarrow (...) saw, machete, hoe ”, narrated the victim's cousin.

Tailla Santos was a 31-year-old trans woman, who worked as a call girl and offered assistance through a website. On the day of the crime, she was last seen taking a transport car by app in front of the house where she lives, in the center of Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense.

“She didn't deserve this. She was a person who had the life she had, worked where she worked, but lived from work to home and helped her mother. Not long ago, she bought land to build a house. She was a good person who didn't deserve this. What we want is justice”, commented Stephanie. The case was registered at the 59th DP (Duque de Caxias) and is being investigated by the Homicide Police Station.

According to Stephanie's account, the first people to arrive at the crime scene were Tailla's mother and a family friend. The two had been looking for Tailla since Thursday (5), when she left to do that service and did not give any more news.

They discovered the address where Tailla was after finding an email with the address of the last call she made in a car through the app. As soon as they arrived at the scene, they saw the suspect, but did not believe that the person was the murderer. According to Stephanie, Tailla's mother asked the boy about her daughter, but he said he didn't know her and that he was going out for some cachaça.

“When they got there, who was there was my cousin's mother and a friend. She asked what he did. He said: 'I didn't do anything, I don't even know her' and ran away. He said he was going to drink cachaça and ran away”, said Stephanie.

According to Tailla's cousin, the killer's name is Thiago, he wore a bracelet and left jail ten days ago. She also said that the suspect has already been arrested for murder, robbery and drug trafficking.

On Friday 7th April Thiago Salgado dos Santos, 40, was arrested for Taila's murder.

This Friday (7), the Civil Police arrested Thiago Salgado dos Santos, 40 years old, He is the main suspect in the murder of Taila Ariany Santos, 31 years old, found dismembered inside a house in Vigário Geral in the North Zone of Rio.

Thiago had been on the run from Justice since January 18, when the 4th Criminal Court of the Capital issued an arrest warrant against him for murder. He was arrested in Praça da República, in downtown Rio and taken to the Homicide Police Station in the Capital, which is investigating the case.

Tailla's Facebook profile is

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