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Patricia Ramírez

Age 41

26 Dec 2022
Corrientes (Argentina)
Run over

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Patricia Ramírez
Patricia Ramírez [photo:]

Patricia died in Hospital Escuela San Martín two days after being found with multiple injuries as a result of a hit and run.

The trans woman who was found on Saturday morning with serious injuries, and who until noon yesterday was in intensive care at the Hospital Escuela de la Corrientes, died yesterday. Patricia Ramírez, 41, was being searched for since Friday night by her friends and family. On Saturday she was found in the 17 de Agosto neighborhood of the city of Corrientes, with multiple injuries resulting from an alleged crash.

“The loss is irreparable. Patricia was an activist for trans rights and the job quota. She was a companera, highly educated, a partner and a Peronist. She was essential, ”said Teresita Paz, a Corrientes activist and friend of Patricia, in dialogue with the DIARIO de la Región .

Paz, like different organizations and movements of the diverse community, held the State responsible for the death of Ramírez, who did not have a stable job in a province that still does not adhere to the national labor quota law for travesti, transsexual and transgender people. “ She was ultra-qualified to occupy any place in the State, but everything is late or not at all. Patricia died in the range of the age that trans women die, she died at 41 years old, ”she asserted.

“It is the responsibility of the State because the trans labor quota does not apply. If there is a trans labor quota, the compañeras will not be practicing sexual slavery. The national, provincial, and municipal governments are responsible," he said, recalling that the national law establishes a quota of 1% that the "highest percentage stays in Buenos Aires and is not met here."

Regarding what happened in the early hours of Saturday, Paz said that Patricia was accompanied by a “person who was riding a motorcycle, when a car appeared and ran over the two of them. Her companion got scared and left. It happened at 4:30, because of the noise there are neighbors who came out and behaved very well, one of the neighbors who came out with his wife is a doctor. She wants to get up, she gives her name, last name and her ID, and she faints there to never wake up again.

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