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Ariana Diaz Chávez

Age 42

16 Dec 2022
La Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Ariana Diaz Chávez
Ariana Diaz Chávez [photo:]

Ariana's body was found by a friend inside an apartment on Friday 16th December. She was last seen alive four days earlier.

The body of a 42-year-old trans woman was found this Friday morning inside an apartment located in the heart of the city of La Plata. According to the first information, the main hypothesis points to a homicide. The victim had a belt around her neck .

The case came to light earlier when a friend of the victim, who was identified by the police as Ariana Díaz Chávez, approached the address on Calle 7 between 58 and 59 during the early morning, after several days without being able to make contact with her.

Apparently, the witness had the key to the apartment and when she entered she found her friend's body in her room, lying face up on the floor and with a belt around her neck. Several bloodstains around her completed the scene, although she did not notice any signs of disorder or forced access. There was also nothing missing to indicate that she had been the victim of a robbery.

The woman immediately called 911 and minutes later the area was filled with personnel from the Ninth Police Station, the Homicide Cabinet of the DDI of La Plata, the Scientific Police and the SAME to carry out the corresponding expertise on the spot.

Diaz Chávez was 42 years old, a Peruvian national and, based on the first testimonies, she was a sex worker in the city of Las Diagonales. While the results of the forensic work are awaited, she revealed that when she was found she had been dead for at least four days .

Although all the indications so far point to a transfemicide, in principle the case was classified as "investigation of the causes of death" and is being investigated by UFI No. 8 from La Plata.

A month after her murder Edgar David Ramírez Vera, 19, was arrested after being identified from CCTV footage.

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