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Ángela María Bernal Ospina

Age 39

25 Nov 2022
Mariquita, Tolima (Colombia)

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Ángela María Bernal Ospina

Ángela was shot while defending her livestock from an intoxicated 63-year-old man.

A bloody event left several residents of Mariquita, Tolima , unconscious, where a trans woman, identified as Ángela María Bernal Ospina , was murdered after being shot with a shotgun. For the facts, a man of approximately 63 years of age was arrested.

On the ground, covered with a blanket, was the humanity of Ángela María Bernal Ospina, who for years was the owner of a nightclub that was located in front of the House of the Second Botanical Expedition in the 'Fruit Capital'.

The trans woman, who also, according to versions of many Mariquiteños, was a well-known defender of animals, died after receiving a bullet impact with a shotgun-type weapon in the frontal region.

The event occurred in the sector known as 'Pela Bobos', located between the villages of Las Lomas and Pueblo Nuevo, after the citizen and a neighbor, who was apparently under the influence of alcohol, had a strong altercation. The man, supposedly in a state of drunkenness, attacked a livestock that was owned by the victim.

Ángela, who was described as a person with a strong character, reacted angrily to the affront made by the man and there was an exchange of shots between the two, where unfortunately the woman took the worst part, being hit by one of the projectiles and dying at the scene.

The authorities arrived at the site, who found the shotgun with which the woman was allegedly killed, and the weapon she was carrying was also delivered by the victim's family. Due to the facts, the man was made available to the authorities.

On social networks, many inhabitants of the "Capital of the North" regretted the fact, assuring that the deceased was a good person and asked for justice for both the homicide and the animal abuse.

Ángela María Bernal Ospina was 39 years old.

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