TDoR 2023 / 2022 / November / 20 / Rihanna Rodrigues dos Santos

Rihanna Rodrigues dos Santos

Age 37

20 Nov 2022
Campo Grande, Matto Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

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Rihanna Rodrigues dos Santos
Rihanna Rodrigues dos Santos [photo:]

Rihanna was beaten to death by her boyfriend during an argument. Shortly afterwards Juarez de Oliveira Souza was arrested for femicide.

A 37-year-old trans woman was beaten to death by her partner in front of a residential occupation in Jardim Noroeste, in Campo Grande, this Sunday (20 ). The perpetrator of the crime, identified as Juarez de Oliveira Souza, was arrested trying to escape in front of a bus stop.

The suspect reported to police that he had a romantic relationship with the victim and had gone to her house to collect her debt. Upon arriving at the scene, the couple got involved in a fight, when Juarez hit the woman in the head.

In testimony, neighbors said they heard several screams. Residents saw the couple's fight and reported that Juarez wielded a knife and made threats against the victim. To defend herself, the woman grabbed a piece of wood. It was then that Juarez took the piece of wood from the victim's hand and struck the first blow to her neck. The woman fell to the ground and the suspect struck another three violent blows to the victim's head, reports the BO.

Badly injured, the victim lay motionless on the ground and the neighbors called the Emergency Medical Service (Samu) and the Military Police. Death was confirmed by rescuers.

After fleeing the crime scene, Juarez was found by the police in front of a bus stop. The man was taken to the Women's Service Police Station (Deam), where the crime was registered as a femicide.

Report added: 22 Nov 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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