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Marta Castaña Torres

Age 65

17 Nov 2022
Rome, Lazio (Italy)

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Marta Castaña Torres
Marta Castaña Torres [photo:]

Marta was one of three women murdered in Rome on the same day by the same killer. The other two victims were cisgender Chinese nationals who have not yet been identified.

Giandavide De Pau, a 51-year-old man with ties to organized crime, was subsequently arrested for the murder of all three women.

This week a triple murder shocked the community living in Rome, Italy. Three women were found dead, including a Colombian. While more details of what happened to those three people are discovered, more details of Marta Castaño Torres have been revealed. She was a trans sex worker who lived in an apartment in that European city, in the Prati neighborhood of Rome, as detailed by the international press with information provided by local authorities. The three victims, the file says, lost their lives after being seriously injured with a sharp weapon.

The victim, as is known, was recognized as 'Yessenia'. She was found lifeless in her residence room last Thursday, around ten in the morning. Just one kilometer from the scene of this crime, the bodies of two Chinese women were found. The three women offered sexual services in that city. The Colombian, as it was learned, was 65 years old, and would have been murdered while she had sexual relations. At that moment, she was stabbed in the chest by her assailant who, apparently, would be the same victimizer as the other two women.

The Colombian, as reported by the national press, lived with a Venezuelan woman. With her, they had rented a small apartment in Rome. In that place they used as a space to serve their clients . Marta, her colleague told authorities, has an 18-year-old daughter. Her friend observed that the Colombian woman had started [sex work] out of financial need.

In the case of the two Chinese women, as is known, one of them was 25 years old and the other 42. The older one was a pimp, while the younger one was a [sex worker]. On the day of the crime, the woman in charge of the business entered the room where the young woman was with a client after she began to scream for help. The 42-year-old woman realized that the man was about to kill the young woman, so she tried to defend her.

In the midst of the struggle, the pimp lost her life, and the young woman managed to flee to a certain extent, because the designated murderer, after murdering the owner of the business, caught up with her to murder her.

Report added: 17 Nov 2022. Last updated: 9 Nov 2023

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